What is Chinen Salt?

Many people mistake Himalayan salt and Chinen salt but, while they both come from the same region, Himalayan salt is simply a rock salt extracted with machinery and explosives from mines in the mountains of Pakistan while Chinen salt often contains important ingredients from a plant that can be found throughout the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Europe.

Most Chinen salts include a class of alkaloid derived from the barberry or gold thread plant which is known as berberine. It also often contains iron, which gives it its off white to pink coloring, MSG (monosodium glutamate), sodium chloride, and sodium nitrate.

It is said that Chinen salt has been used by traditional healers in Asia for centuries. Some people claim it can be used to treat diabetes and may have properties that counter toxins in the body but clinical studies are limited. But given the prevalence of diabetes in Asian countries it would make sense that there would be a focus on seeking out natural substances that might mitigate the disease.

However, as with all supplements, make sure to consult your doctor before using any Chinen Salt products. In addition, the content of individual products derived from traditional medicine and marketed as a specific substance can vary, so use caution and only purchase supplements from sources you know are reputable.

  • Over your article.
    I suffer from T2 Diabetes and would like to purchase a supply
    Genuine Chinen Salt (Not Rock Salt ),but I am not able to find
    A supplier, can you suggest one.
    Thank you.Ref

    • Hi R. E. F., We haven’t analyzed any particular products yet so unfortunately, we can’t recommend any resources. Best of luck.

  • Where can I buy Chinen salt?

    Having a very hard time finding it.

    It seems like every search for it online leads to Himalayan salt

    • Hi Daniel, Unfortunately, we do not have a source to share with you as we have not analyzed any particular products. Best of luck.

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