Padma Lakshmi launches “Taste the Nation”. An exploration of the many cultures that make up “American food”.

The food enjoyed by any culture is a living, breathing, and ever evolving thing. Examples of this can be found all around the world and throughout history. Noodles likely found their way to Italy from China. Potatoes were unknown in Ireland until they were introduced from the Americas. And the much loved “Indian” samosa was imported from the Middle East long ago.

But nowhere is this more true than right here in America, the nation of immigrants.

Padama Lakshmi’s series “Taste the Nation” is on Hulu and will include 10 episodes where she travels to all corners of this country to explore this phenomenon and the cultural issues that surround it.

As Ms. Lakshmi explains in an interview with Fox News, what makes up “American food” has been impacted by each wave of immigrants who arrived on our shores as well as indigenous peoples and Africans brought here against their will as slaves. From the hamburgers and hot dogs brought here by Germans in the 19th century to the fresh salsa you enjoy at your favorite pub which likely originated in Central or South America over 1,000 years ago, American food has always evolved with the American population.

Having recently made the leap to America after 1,000 years of our own Anatolian history, we here at Mayi Spring Salt wish her well as she embarks on her storytelling journey.

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