NYC Food Delivery Assistance Portal and NJ Human Services Links.

NYC and NJ health workers, scientists and first responders deserve a parade down the Canyon of Heroes for helping us get our COVID numbers under control, but the recent spikes in other states are a reminder that we have a way to go before we actually get to the other side of this health crisis. And, of course, it is continuing to have a terrible economic impact on so many members of our community as well.

With that in mind here is a critical resource for our friends in NYC.

The NYC Food Delivery Assistance website not only provides a list of free food locations but there are also key resources for figuring out if you may be eligible for SNAP and WIC benefits while you are managing your family’s way through this crisis.

And if you’ve been finding yourself asking, “What can I make with what I have?”, check out the “Cooking at Home” section. Amazing NYC chefs like Jake Cohen, Mike Anthony, Sophia Roe and Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen provide simple recipes you can make with what’s in your fridge as well as helpful tips for getting the most out of the ingredients we have in our kitchens.

Here’s a sample from Sophia Roe on how to re-purpose the brine from a jar of pickles, leftover pesto and salad dressing, as well as a simple tip that will make your greens last longer.

And if you would like to donate to help your neighbors in need, here is a link to the NYC Food Bank website.

For our neighbors in NJ here is a link where you can find information on everything from food assistance to mental health resources provided by the state.

And here is a list of Food Pantries in NJ should you need their services or if you would like to donate to these critical organizations that are helping our communities week in and week out.

We will get through this better together!

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