Earth Day Turned Out To Be Our Birthday.

File this under “Happy Accidents”.

We have been laying the groundwork to introduce the salt from our ancient Anatolian mountain spring to America for over a year now. And, after overcoming hurdles typical in almost any new venture, it turned out our U.S. website would go live today. Earth Day 2020.

This realization caused a smile to cross our faces. One of those wry smiles you get when things fall perfectly in place after months of encountering little bumps and detours. As if someone had set it up to work out this way all along.

Because our goal for the last year has been to introduce a spring salt to America that is harvested by hand after seeping from the ground and slowly drying in the sun. The same way it’s been done in the same remote valley since the Byzantine Empire.

It’s a time-consuming process that most businesses would see as an inefficiency to be eliminated by an energy-hungry mechanical solution.

But it’s a process that leaves our salt’s health-promoting trace minerals intact while having a minimal impact on the environment.

So to celebrate Earth Day and the the introduction of Mayi Anatolian Spring Salt™ to America we will be making a donation to The Conservation Fund while continuing our mission to provide the purest salt to everyone in America who is passionate about cooking with the purest and most environmentally sustainable ingredients possible.

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