10 Fun (And Socially Distanced) Labor Day Activities For the Family

With these ideas you can stay home or at least socially distanced for Labor Day and still have tons of fun with your family. And you won’t need to break the bank either!

  1. Kiddie pool party

Who cares if you don’t have an above-ground or in-ground pool. All you need is a patch of yard and a cheap kiddie pool to plan a laugh-filled kiddie pool party. Pick out a colorful menu of cold treats to go along with the fun. But make sure to be vigilant with young ones. Even around shallow water, a measure of caution is key when toddlers are involved.

  1. Corn hole tournament

This classic summer activity can be played in teams with family members or 1 v 1. You can stay at a safe distance while earning bragging rights that will last until next spring. Add in an evening fire for making S’mores and you have the perfect Summer of ’20 Family Wrap Party.

  1. Hiking – The ultimate in social distancing

There’s nothing like finding a new and challenging hiking trail to try with the family. Make sure it’s enough of a challenge to keep it interesting but not above the capabilities of the least experienced in the group so they don’t get discouraged.

Try online platforms like alltrails.com to identify the right level of challenge for your family. There are also some region-specific platforms as well, like trailfinder.com, which focuses on New Hampshire and Vermont for example. But remember to do some research to determine if there are any COVID-related limitations or closures before you go.

  1. Read that book you’ve been meaning to get to

Why not fully embrace social distancing and dive into the latest title by your favorite author or a new best seller you’ve heard about? Pop some popcorn and sink into your couch with a cool drink and go on a literary journey.

  1. Make some popsicles

Get the kids to vote for their favorite popsicle flavor of all time and put your freezer to use making some of their own. It’s as simple and affordable as buying a few bottles of juice and a popsicle mold. See this helpful list from The Spruce. But you may want to make sure you have a few paper towels available for spills!

  1. Get your karaoke on

Here at Mayi Spring Salt we believe nothing is better than some no-judgement laughs. Just put on your favorite backing tracks and take turns being a star. If you want to step it up, have a secret ballot to pick your top backyard talent.

  1. Sidewalk art exhibition

All you need is a pack of sidewalk chalk and the limitless imagination of your kids. Give them a theme or let them just go wild. If you want to team up with other families in the neighborhood you can have a Chalk-Off, where each family designs their own art in front of their house for a panel of neighborhood judges to evaluate. Hand made trophies or small gift cards can be awarded to various category winners like Most Colorful, Funniest, and Best Stick Figure.

  1. Neighborhood driveway grill-fest

You can still have a good time with neighbors while keeping a safe distance. Just set up the grills in your driveways instead of your backyards so you can trash talk each other’s grill skills. And you can plan some family vs family water balloon fights to keep things cool and fun.

  1. The American classic – Catch some fireflies in a jar

Punch some holes in the metal top to a glass jar and go out in the early evening to capture some fireflies with the kids. Read this helpful How-To from firefly.org for some tricks to keep them healthy so you can release them later.

  1. Backyard scavenger hunt

It can be activity-based with stations for push ups, hopscotch and cartwheels or focused on finding objects that form a theme. Things like a favorite movie or interest.

Or, if you need more ideas, check out Scavenger-hunt.org.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember what Labor Day is all about. It was created as a day to celebrate American workers so do your part and make sure to have some fun.

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