Mayi Anatolian Spring Salt is as rich in history as it is in trace minerals.

Fine Salt 8.8oz


coarse salt with grinder

Coarse Salt with Grinder 12.3oz


Fine Salt 21.2oz


Coarse Salt 17.6oz


Starting over 1,000 years ago, the salt harvested from our remote mountain spring was coveted by the elite of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

So, while it may have taken a millennium to bring it to America, now that it’s here, salt will never be the same again.

Health-promoting trace minerals with no microplastics.

Several professional soccer teams, including Arsenal Football Club, have purchased salt from our spring for their players. It turns out that potassium, calcium and magnesium, all found in trace amounts in our salt, may help their athletes avoid cramping during competition.

Cleaner than sea salt and gentler on the environment than Himalayan salt.

Unfortunately, microplastics found throughout the world’s oceans have negatively impacted the quality of most sea salt.

And Himalayan salt is often mined using explosives or heavy machinery.

By contrast, our salt seeps from a remote mountain spring before being hand harvested from covered collection pools to further protect its purity. And relying on natural evaporation reduces our carbon footprint as well.

The ancient world's spice routes all led to one place. Anatolia.

With civilization’s finest seasonings at their fingertips, the leaders of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires who ruled these lands would only allow the purest salt to grace their tables.

And that salt was ours.

Because they knew no matter how far one might search, there was no better tasting salt than the salt hand-harvested for over 1,000 years right here in our remote valley.

Some of the trace minerals found in Mayi Spring Salt.



By helping the immune system fight off infections, zinc helps us stay healthy.



Helping control metabolism and contributing to brain development are just two of iodine’s important functions.*



Your body uses manganese to strengthen bones, protect cells from damage, and process cholesterol.



Studies are looking into this very rare mineral’s ability to treat diabetes as well as other conditions.



You can’t have strong bones without calcium in your diet.



A healthy heartbeat is just one way potassium can contribute to your health.

* While Mayi Salt does not contain enough iodine to qualify as a significant source of iodine, a necessary nutrient, it does naturally contain a trace amount of this important element.